Charmer (Deluxe Edition)

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Remixed. Remastered. Expanded. Deluxe and delightful.
All songs recorded intermittently between 2002-2004,except tracks 18 & 19: additional recording and mixing completed in March 2011.

Tracks 1-12 originally released as Charmer; remixed and remastered in January 2014. Originally released February 1, 2005, on the MyMeanMagpie net label as MMM024:

Bonus tracks 13-19 have not been remixed for this edition, but have been newly remastered in Winter 2014. Track 13 is previously unreleased in any form. Tracks 14-19 were originally compiled on the Watercolour EP in March 2011.

See individual track info for more information.

Full artwork designed by Five Seventeen available here:


From the original press release:

Kent Burt wouldn't deny the label of \"New Wave\" that is so easily attached to his music. Uninterested in exploring the political rhetoric or machismo he associated with the early 90's \"punk scene\" -- unrelated to punk as he understood it (Wire, Gang Of Four, the Fall) -- Kent settled into writing pop songs. If not apparent by the end of the album, Kent makes his influences quite clear with the inclusion of a cover of \"Haystack\" by Factory Records recording artist Kevin Hewick (included with his blessing!).

Charmer features the first collaborative effort on a Linger Effect release. From Conception Bay North, Newfoundland, via Montreal, Quebec, Stephen Andrew Guy (Good Kids Pretend They're Bad, The Get Out, Blainerunner, Tilton, The Vav, False Face, Don't) contributed lyrics and vocals on the appropriately titled \"Stephen Song.\"


2005 review:

Although it was written and recorded a couple years ago, this album didn't get released until this year. It's also one of the first full-length albums available for free download from the label (which is halfway done with the project of making the majority of its catalog available, as well), though you can also get the album on cd (well, cd-r), complete with proper artwork (call me old-fashioned, but that's the way I prefer it!). If I remember correctly, I think this is the second album from the Linger Effect, after a cassette on Best Kept Secret. A solo project from a Canadian fellow named Kent Burt, the sound is a mixture of the atmospheric electronic pop of Simpatico (or maybe Other Peoples' Children is a bit closer) and the off-kilter style of Mark Robinson. Guitars are occasionally used, but synths are more prevalent, as is a drum machine, naturally. There are a few times where the music gets a little too weird for me, but when he plays pop songs (like \"On Air\" and \"I Am A Watercolour\"), it's just perfect. MTQ=8/12 -




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Charmer (Deluxe Edition)
Charmer (Deluxe Edition)
  • Inside The Dawn
  • On Air
  • Proper Stranger
  • Mountains
  • I Am A Watercolour
  • Moonpond
  • The Small Time
  • Stephen Song
  • Charmer
  • Postcard
  • Wieder
  • Haystack
  • Always Talking
  • KW2
  • Charmer (Part Two)
  • I Am A Watercolour (Water-Soluble Mix)
  • Donlea Roads
  • Easy, Tiger
  • I Am A Watercolour (Singular Mix)
  • Charmer (Charmless Mix)
  • On Air (Less Moe Mix)
  • I Am A Watercolour (Dry Mix)
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