I Hope You Die First

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This is music for crisp autumn nights in foreign cities or a foreign part of one very familiar. This is music for smoking too many cigarettes. This is music for the beginning of an affair. This is music for the end of an affair. This is music for an affair which never happens.
I Hope You Die First collects music recorded by The Linger Effect between 2003 and 2006. The majority of these songs were recorded as part of Douglas Wolk's NaSoAlMo contest in 2005 and 2006. \"Cedar\" and \"A Good Face For Memories\" were recorded in 2003 with the former being previously released on the Plotter Group compilation Bulbous.

While few of these tracks were intended to be the final mixes, a hard drive crash ensured that this would be the case. We were able to rescue these demo mixes, but the individual tracks were lost to scrambled bits and bytes. That said, these songs are mostly presented as originally envisioned.

Originally released on the My Mean Magpie netlabel.


Written, produced, recorded, mixed, and performed by Kent Burt Cover designed by Five Seventeen.


Post Punk



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I Hope You Die First
I Hope You Die First
  • Pine
  • On Alert
  • Question
  • Mechanique
  • Exit Smiling
  • Wrong
  • Cedar
  • A Good Face For Memories
  • In The Cuff
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