The Linger Effect is a Bourgeois Scam

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This began as an opportunity to create a new song every week in 2012 and clear the archives of half-forgotten scraps of songs. Unfortunately, I fell behind due to school/work commitments. The project can probably now be considered complete as a 2CD set.
Disc 1: Tracks 01-18
Disc 2: Tracks 19-36


Cover design - Five Seventeen @ Everything else - Kent Burt


Post Punk



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The Linger Effect is a Bourgeois Scam
The Linger Effect is a Bourgeois Scam
  • Nonosabasut Rock
  • Popism
  • How Awful About Allan
  • Oh Mary, Don't Ask
  • The Spaceships of Ezekiel
  • Home is Where You Are
  • Paranormal Bouquet
  • Willoughby
  • Pray the Gay Away
  • Sects
  • Mirrors
  • Knives is Not Right
  • Marry Me, John Slattery!
  • T.V. Discotheque International
  • Kill Oscar
  • Notes for Tomorrow
  • Quakers
  • The Armageddon Experience
  • Steuerpimpel
  • You Want It Black, You Got It Black
  • Bromantic Traffic
  • The Bigger Person
  • All Better
  • Leroy Fuckin' Rulez
  • Strangers
  • Idiophone
  • Liebe Zeit
  • 21st Century Gore Vidal
  • The Lowdown on the Down-low
  • Glioma (Broadly)
  • Seven Minutes in Heaven
  • Newsreel Feeling
  • Preface to Now
  • The Society for the Prevention of Fantasy
  • I Don't Want You To Want Me
  • A Bourgeois Scam
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