Pray the Gay Away

from The Linger Effect is a Bourgeois Scam

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Indoctrinated at a tender age, taken under wing of the brethren's sage, sheltered and shown how to behave, shown how to recruit and how to save... All the promises made really got you hooked, but all that's really written in those books is you've gotta get 'em while they're young - yeah you've gotta get 'em while they're young. And now you've got an ex-wife in the 'burbs and a new child bride from the local church and someday the Lord will take your troubles away (well I've got bad news, honey, they're here to stay). When you reach your holy hands out to tithe you hear all the girls in the pews all sigh and your parents they couldn't be more proud - well, you're living the dream - or as close as allowed - but you're still the same scared little, little boy as you parade about your new decoy. Oh, tell me, honey, now what would they say if they knew the fellowship that you really crave? No one knows the real you. No one knows what's really true. Oh, tell me how it feels to never feel whole? And just how black is the dark night of the soul as you pray the gay away?


Post Punk
Pray the Gay Away
Pray the Gay Away
  • Pray the Gay Away

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